From Chairman's Desk

It feels immense proud and responsibilities on holding solace of group of institution which believes in securing and promoting the basis of survival and progression of education .

We at G.A.V. Group of Institutes believe every person deserves equal opportunity and a right to be educated to mark in their lifetime.

Our team believes in teaching not just to get good grades but earn accolades. As our society seeks youngsters that are a rare blend of confidence and compatibility , culture and modernisation and patriotism and globalization. The list is endless.

Unless an institute unconditionally devoted towards this important duty towards society chances are that it will fall on the social ground.

The school is a trendsetter in providing quality education through the latest in educational aids.

These include

Creative , confident , competent , dedicated , efficient faculty.

Khel nursery

Fleet of buses

CCTV Campus

Smart Boards

Academically the results are extremely good as our school secure a place among 0.01% of CBSE school.

We are confident that our school will achieve perfection in every field.

Thank you

(Chairman, G.A.V. Group of Institutes)

G.A.V . Public school, Patauda.

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