Our Commitment is to educate a pupil in mind, body and soul. Modern methodologies are employed to facilitate learning. Teachers follow a set curriculum, which shapes and integrates learning. Pupils are helped in developing linguistic intelligence through creative writing, public speaking etc.

To nurture the students as global learners, the Academic programme of the school is based on syllabi drawn from the CBSE. The School provides for an age appropriate enriched curriculum wherein learning becomes a joyful experience. Classroom experiences are designed to encourage curiosity, self expression, joy and aesthetic sensibility. The guiding principles are to correlate learning to deeper understanding of concepts. To nurture a holistic personality, life skills and humanistic values are incorporated across all subjects and the curriculum framework is designed to promote India’s rich culture and heritage through exposure to liberal arts. Students are sensitized towards protection of our flora and fauna and the spirit of peace, compassion and brotherhood is induced. Independence in thought and action, individually and collectively, is encouraged. The curriculum enhancements focus on creating collaborative citizens who are conscious of their rights and duties. Focus is going beyond the text books through varied community outreach programmes so that socially and ethically responsible citizens are nurtured who grow up to become an asset for the community at large. Our curriculum framing is done at the four levels keeping the age groups in the mind of our students.

Primary School

The aim of the Primary School is to mold a child’s personality to instill good values and attitude. While the main objective is to impart numeracy, literacy and communication skills to students, teachers here at GAV Public School also employ active learning methods that naturally engage the child ’s creativity, curiosity, and activity.

We embrace the students’ innate curious nature to develop their basic skills through first-hand experiences. Students are encouraged to explore, question, apply and test, whilst treating each other with respect and developing a sense of social decorum. Teacher, at all times, instill the habits of good hygiene, cleanliness and healthy living. Through various games and activities, the students are also taught the values of leadership, teamwork, compassion, and honesty.

Middle School

Middle School aims to pursue excellence in every field and hone its students to be responsible citizens. The Middle School strikes to produce competent, confident learners through holistic development of learning activities, and encouraging student-teacher discussions. The teachers employ teaching and learning methods that give the students healthy challenges to help them fulfill their potential. Middle School is a critical stage of education for every pupil. We provide the support to help our students stay focused on their goals, advance their skills and knowledge to grow into responsible young adults who are ever ready to take their place in the professional world.

Senior Secondary School

Senior School aims to impart skills and education of the highest quality. The exclusive faculty works towards identifying talented youth and helping them to develop their potential in the subject of their choice.

The students are also trained to develop leadership in all walks of life such that they are ready to face challenges of a higher professional career. They are also taught various life skills which will stand them in good stead in the future. The objective is to provide students with a strong sense of giving back to society through their competence and acquiring the right values and attitude needed for developing good life.

Remedial classes are held after school hours  to provide hand holding and prepare the students for the Board Examination.

The concept of Synch-study has been introduced to reduce stress levels of students. A synchronized study pattern is maintained between the course content of the Board Examination and that of the competitive entrance examinations.

 Students have complete access to the various laboratories and library resources, specially designed for the study and research requirements of the senior level students.

The school believes that value education should provide a set of comprehensive values, preparing children for a strictly pious yet tolerant and cosmopolitan outlook, thus imbibing in them a strong value system. A perspective of education through values is developed.

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