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 Sh. Ashok Sharma, the Founder of GAV Group

A distinguished professional, philanthropist and social activist, Sh. Ashok Sharma has gained a prominent position in society due to the exemplary work he has done in his career. His raise to prominence in such a short span can be attributed to his strong will power, caliber, conviction, dedication and leadership quality. 

Born on  1971, Sh. Ashok Sharma comes from a humble background. Son of  Sh. Lal Chand Kaushik, a retired Headmaster by profession basically from  Patauda, Haryana, he nurtures the strong belief, “Education is not the preparation of life but education is life itself”. He started his life in a modest way and gradually rose to become one of the pioneering educationists and social worker.

As a social activist, he had been considerate towards the under privileged section of the society, and compassion for humanity had been a precocious characteristic of his personality. He had been always envisioned a society where all the people live peacefully, in complete bliss and harmony. His aim was to bring a sense of security and stability in the lives of poor and downtrodden strata of society by uplifting them from the morass of despair and poverty. In doing so, the end goal was to fight social inequality at its roots and consequently, to create countless smiles on million faces. Therefore, he had made it the purpose of his life to serve humanity in an untiring and selfless fashion. He had vigorously worked towards guiding people on the path of educational, social and spiritual enhancement with the spirit of national development at the core.

Sh. Sharma served in Indian Navy but he left the job for the sake of his family and his selfless will to serve to the society. He had been extending social service in the field of Education, Environment, Social Change, Health Care, Spirituality and National Integrity for the more than 25years. His sole aim was to bring happiness on the faces of countless underprivileged and browbeaten people, rise them from chaos of poverty, social inequality and enable them to live a life of dignity. To live his dream in reality, he laid the foundation of GAV Group of Institution. 

He had proposed total solution for rural development through academic treatment i.e. by establishing the Rural University in the area of Patauda and funding the free education of poor girls in his institutions as well as in other areas also.

G A V Group has won many awards and accolades by Government and various NGOs under his able guidance and motivation.


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